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5 underrated qualities to look out for when choosing a Property Agent for buying

When choosing a property agent to assist you in your buying a property, what qualities first come to mind? How do you decide what a good buyer agent is, and select one that is right for you? 

Perhaps you’re picturing someone with several years of experience, who seems to have good knowledge of the real estate market, and specialises in the type of property you're interested in.

Well, you’re not wrong if that instinctively comes to mind - but is that all that matters?

choosing a property agent in Singapore

A quick search on the internet and you'll easily find horror stories about working with property agents (beyond just for buying). Which is why beyond just the foundational qualities that a good real estate agent should possess, there are also certain other qualities aren't that obvious. These underrated qualities might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but they are equally important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

PS: Quality #4 can unexpectedly make or break your deal!


Quality 1: Being detailed with numbers

Let's face it – real estate involves a lot of numbers, and a difference in a single decimal point could lead to an astronomical difference. From loan calculations to additional costs, your property agent should be your numerical wizard. While you shouldn’t expect them to start spewing digits like a mathematician at a blackboard, they should demonstrate how they break down the different finances involved in your purchase.

This is all the more important if you’re planning to sell and buy at the same time, as any mistake in your sale can snowball into a serious issue affecting your purchase.

Quality 2: Thorough with timelines

A property purchase tends to stretch over several months, with several key milestone events along the way. 

While certain missed deadlines can possibly be handled, others can be very costly. Beyond just meeting deadlines, understanding the nuanced intricacies of each milestone in your purchase journey is vital. 

Here’s where being fast and efficient is not as important as being meticulous and thorough. Things like option period, submission period, and handover date are just some of the milestones that your property agent has to manage meticulously, or you'll pay a heavy price.

Once again, it's more important when buying and selling at the same time, as you don’t want to land in a situation where you’d have to handover your unit before your new home completes renovating! For a smooth purchase, your realtor should anticipate potential hiccups in advance, and take steps to eliminate them before they occur.

Quality 3: Not just a yes man

All of us would have encountered a stereotypical pushy sales person at a point in their lives. Be it in the supermarket, a car dealership, or even while having a facial. While you might not want someone like that assisting you on your purchase, you should also avoid having a ‘yes man’ who plainly takes instructions from you. (Side note, Yes Man by Jim Carrey is an entertaining to learn more about the dangers of a yes-man)

Instead, an ideal agent would be someone who understands your needs but is willing to offer constructive criticism when necessary. 

This could be in the form of reminding you to overlook the tacky design of the unit that you’re planning to buy and do an overhaul. Or simply warning you that your ‘ideal direction’ might prove challenging when you plan to sell your unit in the future.

Having a property agent who is unafraid to challenge your ideas while being empathetic will be a game-changer. So watch out for someone who merely agrees with everything you say!

Quality 4: Good relationship with other agents

Here we don’t mean just having a wide network within the industry. Instead, it is how your agent interacts and communicates with other agents, especially the gatekeepers of your transactions - the sellers’ agent.

A buyer agent's rapport with the seller's representative is like the secret sauce of successful transactions. It's not just about exchanging pleasantries; it's about establishing a diplomatic channel that paves the way for smoother negotiations later. 

If you see your agent being rude or disrespectful to the sellers’ agent during viewings (yes, it happens), don’t be surprised if your offer gets deprioritised!

Quality 5: Connection or rapport with you

In short, the vibes must match.

Different property agents can have varying styles and finding one that fits you can make the entire purchase experience more positive. It's more than just a professional partnership; it's a relationship built on trust, understanding, and shared goals.

When there's a strong connection between you and your agent, the entire process becomes more than just a transaction, but a collaborative endeavour towards a common goal. Remember, this is someone who will be with you for several months and you certainly don’t want to dread meeting, calling, or even texting this person.Instead, select an agent that will be your partner helping you realise your property dreams.


Some of these qualities might not seem that necessary at the start; but we’ve seen too many cases where the lack of them can sour the entire purchase experience.

Buying a property is a major decision and your agent is your trusted partner - so choose wisely! Eventually having a wrong agent can be worse than having no agent.


Are you considering working with a real estate agent for your property purchase? Uncertain if your current property agent is the perfect fit for your needs?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for a non-obligatory chat, and explore whether we're the right match for your real estate journey.


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